Wednesday 2 July 2014

【Soul of Street photography】 Introduction about Kurt Gledhill

"Every person, every expression, tells a different story "
— that’s street photography!

In the early period of Kurt Gledhill’s photography life, he only shot landscape. One day, he realized that the story he wants to tell most is the city Okayama(click to see where is it), where he lives for 5 years. Instead of only capturing the surface, he wanted to go below the surface.

When most people think of Japan, key words might be densely populated, 24 hour, fast moving, neon glowing cities.

is the opposite. Although it’s an average size city, it’s not that busy at all. Everything moves a lot slower here. The city sleeps about 9pm. When stepping outside of the city center, you step into mountains, rivers and farmland. Since then, he decided to take pictures of Okayama people.

“Every person, every expression, tells a different story, I love that about street photography!”

For Gledhill, he’ll never finish the project of capturing peoples lives and stories.

    “I will continue to shoot for as long as my body will let me. My style may change but my passion, my interest will always be there.”


#To see more works of Kurt, visit Kurt Gledhill's Facebook
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