Friday 18 July 2014

Empty, Dense and Merge--by Gus Petro


When 27 year old Swiss photographer/artist Gus Petro visited the U.S. to find something new and inspiring. He found out something that struck him, the bold contrast between emptiness and density.
He was inspired by the vast emptiness of the Grand
Canyon and the cramped density of Manhattan to create his finest work by far.
Empty, Dense and Merge”.
In his first two projects, He photographed two famous landmarks,  Manhattan then the Grand Canyon. In the third and final installation of the project, “Merge”. He imagined what it’ll look like when The Grand Canyon swallows up Manhattan.


When he came to the Grand Canyon after New York, the contrast was very obvious - dead, quiet and peaceful. For a lot of people Manhattan is the place to live, but for the Grand Canyon, it’s unlivable.


Petro told New York Daily News that he didn’t know if he would like Manhattan but he says, “Density creates an incredible vibe for the city”.
But the idea to blend Manhattan into the Grand Canyon excited him when he was astounded by the emptiness yet majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon.

For Gus Petro, accustomed to his landlocked nation Switzerland, he  is ready to show the world what he discovered during his U.S. trip.
The merging of the opposites : “EMPTY and DENSE”.


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