Thursday 26 June 2014

How Much Photographs Could Speak to People

"Creature Fear"

“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories.”— Korinne Bisig

Rinse: An interview with a talented young photographer 

Korinne Bisig, an amazing 15-year-old fine art photographer talks about how photography allows her to tell stories, her family full of artists and her 5 foot-long wig.
“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories. Without a creative outlet like this, I think my head would explode.”
— Korinne Bisig

Hi Korinne! Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself and what made you fall in love with photography at a very young age?

I grew up in a family of artists. Both my dad and brother are photographers, so I’ve been around it almost my whole life. I remember being eight years old and being so fascinated with cameras and finding so much joy in taking pictures and I would constantly ask my dad if I could borrow his camera. In the beginning I just liked capturing moments and taking pictures of pretty things. It wasn’t until later that I really understood how much photographs could speak to people. That’s what made me really fall in love with it. Aside from that, I love traveling and getting lost in books.

For you, why does photography matter?

I’ve never been able to communicate what I wanted to with words very well. Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories and express these things going on in my mind. Without a creative outlet like this, I think my head would explode.

In your best works, you rarely show any of your subject’s faces. Why is that?

I try to create different characters in my photos, but that’s sort of hard when you’re always shooting the same face. I don’t have access to many models, so I have to shoot self-portraits most of the time. But I don’t want people to see me in every photo; I want them to see the character. Obscuring my face just adds to the costume.

Which area of photography would you like to explore further (street, landscapes)?

I really want to get into fashion photography. Clothes have always interested me and I feel that wardrobe can add so much to a character. I’ve been experimenting with it more and more and I think that’s the direction I want to go in.

Does being a really talented photographer make you a popular kid at school? How do they view your work?

I’ve definitely gotten mixed views on it, haha. Some people think it’s really cool, some people don’t understand it at all. I’m just glad to have good friends that really support it. That’s all that I care about.

Could you share with us the most interesting / funny thing that happened during a photo shoot?

There was this one time that I went out in public for a photo shoot, instead of sticking to my regular secluded locations. I had on this ridiculous five-foot-long wig. People kept stopping and staring and taking pictures of me. I remember overhearing a little girl asking her mom if I was a princess. It was a pretty awkward day!

If you had to choose one famous person to shoot, who would it be and why?

Benedict Cumberbatch, hands down. He’s one of my favorite actors. He’s so versatile and has been able to take on all different kinds of characters. Plus, his cheekbones are just amazing.

Proudest photo you’ve taken and could you share with us the story behind it?

"Creature Fear"

That’d be “Creature Fear”, a photo inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. It’s the most personal photo I’ve ever done. I was trying to capture what it’s like to have anxieties. The wolf is “fear” and the photo is of Little Red running away from it, not letting it get her. She doesn’t want to share the same fate as her grandma did — getting eaten by the wolf or, getting overcome by fear.

Any project that you’re excited about or working on recently?

Right now I’m just focusing on building up a portfolio of personal work so I can hopefully start to turn this passion of mine into a career. I have an entire journal filled with concepts that I’m dying to go out and shoot.

What’s the ultimate dream for you?

I just want to constantly create art and explore the world.

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