Friday 5 September 2014

看見攝影裡的聲音 See Sound in Photography


--The relationship between visual art and music has always been a great motive for artists throughout art history. Let's find out the inspirational conflux when the two senses meet.

Listening to the Dark” photography by Yehlin Lee

Monday 25 August 2014

Find youself a place to belong to- Rinse, Telling Stories behind photography

Where there is photography, there are stories

Time flies, Rinse is on-line for over half a year. Although we are so young that still trying our best to develop a comfortable environment for photographers, we never stop to listen to different voices and learn the amaze in photography.


Currently, we are preparing to the next stage of the web, providing more services and community interaction opportunities for you. If you haven't signed up on Rinse, don't hesitate to come to us! 


Wednesday 13 August 2014

【We Need Your Advice】
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-Our Statement-

Rinse aim to promote a community site providing professional photographers and photo lovers to interact with each other and so be inspired more and given more opportunities in photography industry directly.

Thus, we manage convenient methods in order to bring our members more inspirations, opportunities and even possible business benefit in the future. Here, we want to listen to your voice. Please kindly fill the answer as follows; your opinions will be highly valued as our ideas for betterfy Rinse community site.


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Monday 28 July 2014

Gentle Giants: Story About Japan Sumo Wrestlers’ Life and tough time.

Photographer Paolo Patrizi tells the story about Japan sumo wrestlers’ life and the tough time they are facing.

"Gentle Giants"--photography by Paolo Patrizi


 “You have to see the stables more like a monastery than a gym,”
said photographer Paolo Patrizi.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

We Shall Never Forget The Time We Were Together

Photographic stories about the bonds in lives.

One day, we are all going to face a temperately separation, a farewell or the end of the life journey; still, those faces, places, and memories remain in the form of photography reminding us of the familiar people and days we've once been with, and we've once had.

There are so many ways to help us to memorize. Some would make a portrait while others would prefer to use the daily objects or specific events to recollect.

Friday 18 July 2014

Empty, Dense and Merge--by Gus Petro


When 27 year old Swiss photographer/artist Gus Petro visited the U.S. to find something new and inspiring. He found out something that struck him, the bold contrast between emptiness and density.
He was inspired by the vast emptiness of the Grand

Friday 11 July 2014

Inspiration and Stories Behind David Uzochukwu’s Lens

“A great photograph tells a story. It makes the viewer stare at the picture and get caught up in it.”

Today, we would like to introduce a young and talented photographer to you. David Uzochukwu, a 15 year old photographer from Luxembourg shares with us his stories and inspiration behind the lens.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Rinse Focus : Ghosts and Fays— Interview with Peter Allert

A story, a fairy tall, a vision that celebrates the theme of a wonderful dream.

"Ghosts and Fays”—photographed by Peter Allert

As a professional photographer, Peter Alert co-founded Munich-based Allert&Hoess Photography in 1989, He specializes in still life , technical and scientific photography.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

【Soul of Street photography】 Introduction about Kurt Gledhill

"Every person, every expression, tells a different story "
— that’s street photography!

In the early period of Kurt Gledhill’s photography life, he only shot landscape. One day, he realized that the story he wants to tell most is the city Okayama(click to see where is it), where he lives for 5 years. Instead of only capturing the surface, he wanted to go below the surface.

Thursday 26 June 2014

How Much Photographs Could Speak to People

"Creature Fear"

“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories.”— Korinne Bisig

Rinse: An interview with a talented young photographer 

Korinne Bisig, an amazing 15-year-old fine art photographer talks about how photography allows her to tell stories, her family full of artists and her 5 foot-long wig.
“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories. Without a creative outlet like this, I think my head would explode.”
— Korinne Bisig

Writing or Photography?

--Short interview about how fine art photographer Heidi Lender retired her pen for photography.

For some people, shifting careers was never easy. But for Heidi Lender, once a fashion magazine editor turned fine art photographer, it was a change that led to her true calling and has since never look back. Here, she shares with us her life behind the lens and her inspiration about her amazing collections She Can Leap Tall Buildings and Once Upon.

“Photography unlocked a creative block I've had for a long time” — Heidi Lender
The Photographer

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Rinse- Telling Stories behind Photography

Where there is photography, there are stories.

Centuries ago, “Mona Lisa Smile”, a painting people keep trying to guess the story behind the mysterious Italian woman; In the 80’s, an Afghan girl on National Geographic again raised our attention at far-east stories. When we look at a photo, we can’t help ourselves to think about the meaning behind it. 

We believe that each photo has its story to tell. With the help of words, photos are never so lively, dramatic or relevant to us. Every photograph comes along with a story. It can be a capture of a moment, a state of mind or just the life itself. 
Thus, no matter what the story is, stories are why photography matters. 

It’s also why we created Rinse
 —a place for photographers to tell their stories behind photography.

Do you have a photographic story to share? Are you fascinated with photos and words?
Come join Rinse to find more great works and meet others like you.
Rinse will be better and more with your participation.