Thursday 26 June 2014

How Much Photographs Could Speak to People

"Creature Fear"

“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories.”— Korinne Bisig

Rinse: An interview with a talented young photographer 

Korinne Bisig, an amazing 15-year-old fine art photographer talks about how photography allows her to tell stories, her family full of artists and her 5 foot-long wig.
“Photography is a different kind of language that allows me to tell stories. Without a creative outlet like this, I think my head would explode.”
— Korinne Bisig

Writing or Photography?

--Short interview about how fine art photographer Heidi Lender retired her pen for photography.

For some people, shifting careers was never easy. But for Heidi Lender, once a fashion magazine editor turned fine art photographer, it was a change that led to her true calling and has since never look back. Here, she shares with us her life behind the lens and her inspiration about her amazing collections She Can Leap Tall Buildings and Once Upon.

“Photography unlocked a creative block I've had for a long time” — Heidi Lender
The Photographer

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Rinse- Telling Stories behind Photography

Where there is photography, there are stories.

Centuries ago, “Mona Lisa Smile”, a painting people keep trying to guess the story behind the mysterious Italian woman; In the 80’s, an Afghan girl on National Geographic again raised our attention at far-east stories. When we look at a photo, we can’t help ourselves to think about the meaning behind it. 

We believe that each photo has its story to tell. With the help of words, photos are never so lively, dramatic or relevant to us. Every photograph comes along with a story. It can be a capture of a moment, a state of mind or just the life itself. 
Thus, no matter what the story is, stories are why photography matters. 

It’s also why we created Rinse
 —a place for photographers to tell their stories behind photography.

Do you have a photographic story to share? Are you fascinated with photos and words?
Come join Rinse to find more great works and meet others like you.
Rinse will be better and more with your participation.